New Music: Peachcurls

The best way to describe Cleveland-based artist Peachcurls is to let him do it himself:

“I draw from my, Black American traditions to portray my life experiences as vignettes using drum machines, synthesizers, and live instruments. My work blurs genre lines and often blatantly oversteps them. Life has a wide dynamic range, and I believe my work reflects that.”

And listening to ‘King Vitamin’ is exactly that; a slice of indescribable bliss that takes you to another place, with a beautifully melodic rhythm and captivating lyricism.

“This song, my most honest work, tells a story about helplessness, redemption, and love. It’s the embodiment of the Black tradition of innovating in art and turning pain into beauty forever – not just to survive but to, despite the pain, create joy.”