New Music: The Fourth Son

The Fourth Son is a Philadelphia-based solo project created by Tim Connor. Crafting an eclectic style of music that blends elements of folk, rock, blues and reggae into something refreshingly original, this artist delivers a unique and captivating sound that is just so easy to fall in love with. On explaining ‘Tanlines’ he says:

“A song crafted from the pent-up frozen soul of a sun beaten, beer drenched, hurricane pounded motel that sits on the barrier sand reef known as Long Beach Island. Summer here is a fast burning flame that young hearts gather around in a manic island-fever lusting for love in every form you can imagine. Yes, including THAT one. Anything goes. No one stays. The island becomes a ghost town, absent of footprints in the sand. The memories we take with us back over the causeway are the best we’ll have. We instinctively head east every summer like migrating birds. Planning our attacks like treasure hunters. This song is the treasure map.”

The Fourth Son