Betta Lemme – Ce Soir

Canadian starlet Betta Lemme is back today with one of the catchiest bops of the week. This is disco-pop with the perfect dose of sugary kitsch that will almost certainly get you up and dancing.

With lockdown serving as a backdrop, ‘Ce Soir’ invites you into Betta Lemme’s daydreams about a distant partner as she longs for connection. In this time alone, she’s reminded that the real luxury is being with a loved one; all the Zoom calls and retail therapy just can’t compete.

“On a night where crying seemed like my newfound and mastered hobby, and overthinking became my full time job, I pretended this little Gucci box was my friend and asked her if she could ‘flip this frown.’ In that moment, material goods became insignificant, a thing I’ve known all along, This song is about letting those daydreams free and realising that the only thing that will bring meaning to these things is enjoying them with the one you love. I wanted to have fun with loneliness and remind myself that some of the lowest points always bring us the perspective that we need.”

Betta Lemme