frogi – phantom limb

LA-based singer, songwriter and producer frogi has received quite love since releasing ‘moonlight just eighteen months ago.

She’s since ascended Hype Machine and been embraced by the fashion world, with in-store playlists from H&M and Ralph Lauren; not bad considering she’s released everything to date independently,

Today marks the release of the beautifully written ‘phantom limb’, a song that brings a warm and hyper-modern take on heartbreak.

“I like to travel in time when I write songs and visit different versions of myself, This song is a visit from present me to a younger me. I look back at myself when I was a teenager and send her love. Her self esteem was pretty low, and her self worth was so based on a relationship that was doomed from the start. I find it healing to talk to my younger self and show her love she didn’t know back then. I think it pieces broken parts of my present self back together.”