New Music: Lindsay Wright

British composer Lindsay Wright is already an established name who has worked on compositions for film and TV (Netflix’s The Crown; Sky Atlantic’s The Tunnel; and period drama The Aftermath to name a few).

While in lockdown over the past year, Wright also created a beautiful EP entitled ‘LINES’ (out 4th June 2021), which includes new single ‘On Fire’.

Here you can experience deeply emotive tones gliding over a rich soundscape that was built on cinematic electronics, fragile strings and haunting vocals. Talking about ‘LINES’, Wright says:

The current times and my personal observations over the past year shaped each track, going between the strangeness, the novelty and the distress that I was feeling all at once. How so many people could only see loved ones through the glass of a window or across a garden pathway. How nobody was unaffected by these changes in the world. 

I also wanted to explore contrasting experiences, perhaps how having constant company with no change in scenery could result in overwhelming loneliness of a different kind. How small everyone’s world had to become in order to keep others safe. How I could cycle through these feelings of isolation and morph them into lines of connection instead.”

Lindsay Wright