Crystal Cities – Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight

A rousing and anthemic release from Sydney-based indie dream rock outfit Crystal Cities. Interestingly, this is the band’s seventh single to be lifted from their upcoming album.

“‘Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight’ is about the love and truth that exists within all of us. It’s about trying to latch on to those healing frequencies when you find yourself in an emotional attachment that is unserving. This song is related to a point in my life when I felt trapped in an unhealthy pattern of behaviour. My addiction was beginning to affect not just myself, but the people close to me. I knew that if I was going to heal I needed to find my way back to vibrations of love and truth; the true essence of our being. It was that sensation of being held close and tight by the energy of unconditional love that saved me.” – Geoff Rana, Crystal Cities

Once the release of each single from the album is complete, the band will re-package each song as one full body of work that will be their sophomore record, ‘Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight’.

Crystal Cities