New Music: Richie Gathu

Nairobi-born and Bristol based artist Richie Gathu is a 24-year-old self-taught producer who’s musical craftsmanship embraces both his African heritage and his British home.

Just in time for the summer, ‘Cosa Nostra’ is a distinctive, guitar-led blend of indie-pop and rap with an infectious melody and up-tempo beat.

“As soon as I press play on ‘Cosa Nostra’, I’m teleported to Havana, Cuba or to the Amalfi Coast. In my mind, I see a beautiful sunset on the horizon, my body fuelled by 15 (or more) tequila shots as I hit the salsa across a pebbled street toward my lover who is in the exact same vibe as I am. The inspiration for the song stems from lockdown, the endless months of being separated from a lover and planning to ‘pull up’ as soon as I could. I even had to sprinkle some Swahili in there to add extra flavour to the tune!”

Richie Gathu