New Music: Nikolai Berk

Born and raised in LA, Nikolai Berk is an artist who’s always been surrounded by creatives; his mother is a jewellery maker while his father is a fashion designer. With a life-long passion for music, this talent is delivering some of the finest American indie-pop that I have had the pleasure of discovering so far this month.

‘Sunshine & Sex’ came about by complete accident. I was working with my producer to create the saddest, darkest song off an upcoming project and what he first gave back to me was completely wrong for the song. It was bright, sunny, joyful, it more resembled Disneyland than the dismal despair I’d hoped for. But, I had to be in the studio the next night, so something had to get done. By some modern creative magic outside of myself, ‘Sunshine & Sex’ was made and a very happy accident it became. 

Nikolai Berk