Nother – Lines (feat. Moon Leap)

Already a noted producer, drummer and composer for movies and TV, Nother is the solo project of Italian artist Stefano Milella.

With a sound that feels intense and emotive, Nother creates impressive soundscapes that are immediately arresting and rich in texture. Listening to ‘Lines’ is an almost ethereal experience, taking the listener on a journey that is not only captivating but also exhilarating.

“‘Lines’ is one of the most challenging songs I’ve written, trying to find the perfect balance between my own emotions and rhythm. It describes the connection with someone who saved you from apathy, and Moon Leap helped me a lot during the writing process of the lyrics.” Nother

Nother’s new album, ‘Future Is Bright’ is out on 22nd July 2021 via Abyond Music.

Nother | Moon Leap