Alex Aiono – Played Out (feat. Jake Miller)

Still only 25-years old, and yet Alex Aiono has already achieved more than most could hope to achieve within this industry; he’s already amassed a billion views on YouTube, 500 million streams, 6 million followers across social media, hit the top 10, sold out tours globally and starred in movie roles.

Now he’s back with new single ‘Played Out’, and it’s a full reflection of the artist as he is today; a record producer, writer and performer.

“This new era of music for me is special because I’m on an endeavour to continually reach deeper. With every release, I see more of me in my music. This next era truly will be the deepest I’ve gone yet, and as I live more life and dive further into who I am, I plan to share it with the world.”

Alex Aiono | Jake Miller