Bye Beneco – Red Dress

A tremendously exciting South African outfit, Bye Beneco are crafting a kind of indie-pop that is immediately arresting. This is a dreamy, cosmic, almost avant-garde approach to music-making that is not only refreshingly original, but also easy to listen to and feel connected with.

With three successful European tours already under their belt, this SAMA nominated group are already garnering attention globally, having recently been picked up by Apple’s Platoon in London and EarthBeat Bookings in Amsterdam.

“This song is destined and dedicated to dancing hard when we can do that again. The circling instrumental chorus is somewhat of a meditation to me. I had strong feelings about endless roads and wide open spaces that at the time of writing, could not be imagined as filled with life.” –  Lenny-Dee Doucha, Bye Beneco

Bye Beneco