New Music: moony

Seth Findley, better known as moony is a Nashville-based artist who’s creating some of the most interesting blends of indie and alt-rock that I have come across so far this month.

‘angry’ is an exploration of the beginning of the end of a committed relationship and the feelings of confusion, chaos, and anger that come alongside it.

“’As with any long-term serious bond with someone, we pick up baggage along the way be it for better or worse. We may look back with gratitude or resentment and while I’m so grateful for the ways I grew and changed because of the relationship, resentment is what I explored in this song. I lost the essence of who I was.”

Seth is also frontman with the band Honest Men, who have achieved over 9.5 million Spotify streams to date.

Taken from the new EP ‘moon’ which is out now.