New Music: BLEACHx

Already an established name within the music scene, BLEACHx, the moniker of queer platinum-selling songwriter Jeremy Thurber. Behind the scenes, this talent has has phenomenal success working with the likes of TVXQ, SHINee, Meghan Trainor, Jake Miller and Greyson Chance to name only a few.

Now we’re being treated to his very own solo work in the shape of new single ‘Dead Inside’. This is pop at it’s finest; a wildly catchy melody, captivating lyrics and sleek vocals.

“‘Dead Inside’ is such a personal song to me, it really embodies all the loss in my life, how I felt at the time and the birth of the BLEACHx project, it’s a fun song that is a culmination of all the genres and writing styles I love and a goodbye to all the negative feelings I had inside. I wanted something dark and Maniacal you could also dance to. When I wrote it my dad passed away and my boyfriend left me because he couldn’t deal with the grief of it all and it was exactly how I felt inside.” – Jeremy Thurber, BLEACHx