New Music: Tyler Page

by  Kyle Kemink

Hailing from Cape Town, 19-year old Tyler Page is one of the most exciting talents to emerge from South Africa so far this year.

A distinctively velvety vocal delivers captivating lyricism over a production that features a deep bass with 80’s style synths. A really outstanding song, by an equally impressive artist.

“kill all the heroes” is definitely one of my favourites. It resonates with the zeitgeist and especially with the youth of today. We should be looking up to our leaders and elders for guidance and a prosperous future, but instead we have been disillusioned by their obvious obsession with greed, power and wealth. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer while we the youth are being robbed of our future. Some of these self-acclaimed “heroes” are actually real life villains destroying the planet and our health and wellbeing just to make a buck. Accumulating wealth seems to be the sole drive behind decisions made for us by the ones in charge.”

Tyler Page