New Music: The Vindys

Emerging from Ohio, The Vindys are an alt-rock outfit who are rapidly building a significant fan base within their home state and beyond.

Approaching the genre in their own imitable style, this group create a kind of energising sound that makes a bold and impactful statement that is sure to grab your attention.

“The title track ‘Bugs’ has both literal and symbolic meanings for me personally. Songwriting for me is therapeutic in the sense that I tend to memorialise the things that ‘Bug’ me through song, and I let it go once it’s written. In a literal sense, there was the one time that I had discovered thousands of yellow jackets living in my ceiling right above my bed. If I hadn’t called The Bee Man (a Youngstown beekeeper) to come the next day, the weight of the hives they made in the ceiling would have fallen and it could’ve been very dangerous.” – Jackie, The Vindys

The Vindys