New Music: TUSHAR

Like so many other fantastic emerging artists right now, TUSHAR began writing music during lockdown. Based in Adelaide, this talent is mixing elements of indie-pop with alt-rock to create a charmingly feel-good sound that is near impossible not to bop along to.

“‘July 20’ is about the night I bumped into my lover, before we became lovers! We already knew each other previously, but we never actually caught up or hung out until the night of July 20. I was with my friends, lining up to get into a music festival, when I hear my name being shouted out from a taxi that just pulled up. It was my Katie girl and her friend. They joined us in the line and our energies just clicked; making us inseparable all night. We had the best time talking, dancing, drinking, partying together. Even when it was just ‘too loud to talk’, we’d just jump around and dance instead. Not a care in the world, our focus was solely on each other.”