Tall Heights – Hear It Again

I first featured Tall Heights back in 2016, and I am so stoked to see that this Boston indie duo have amassed over 275 million streams since, thanks to their lush soundscapes and emotive melodies.

They’re back with another sublime release in the form of ‘Hear It Again’, which serves as a joyous anthem of hope. 

“‘Hear It Again’ is a reverberating cry from the days of quarantine, a cry that has joyfully been answered. The writing process started on a pre-pandemic tour with Ben Folds, and was finished and recorded in pandemic isolation. The song is impregnated with this tension between two lost sanctuaries : home at home and home on the road. As the lines blur between the two, ultimately a feeling prevails that there is only one course back to peace for Tall Heights : back on tour.” 

Tall Heights