New Music: Rufus

A glorious debut from emerging UK singer, songwriter and producer Rufus. ‘One Eye Open’ is a melancholic and sleek fusion of RnB, alt-pop and trap that feels dark yet still easy to connect with. As far as British talent goes, this kid is definitely one to watch.

“Late in 2019, some people I was associated with pulled some weird moves on me, and wrongly or rightly, I felt they took me for granted, it left me feeling confused and pissed off. Shortly after that, I put a melody/ track idea together and wrote the lyric with Jermaine and Justin from Black Saint and ‘One Eye Open’ was born. Even though the song was written from a place of negativity, I turned those negative feelings into a positive as well as a banging song that allowed me to really reclaim my spirit”.

Rufus Mackay