Kaz – Drown (feat. Hikari Mitsushima)

Kaz of J-Pop group INTERSECTION has just released a solo single and it’s the most sublime piece of music you’ll experience all day. This is a dreamy, conceptual and experimental sound that is really like nothing else I have heard so far this week.

Drown’ features vocals from Hikari Mitsushima and focuses on that feeling of being in a relationship, drowning in love.

“We expressed being drowned in the emotions as a message of this song. Depending on the listener, this may seem like a song that is about the romance of being in love with someone or a song about your own internal feelings that only you know about. It’s best to just listen and understand the way to be drowned by the wave of the emotions in your way, not to be fully explained by someone”. – Kazuma Mitchell

Kazuma Mitchell | Hikari Mitsushima