New Music: Awich

Chaotic, eclectic, bold, brave and fantastic. That’s all I can think to say with this Japanese hip hop talent. Quite an extraordinary sound…



New Music: End of the World

Pop from Japan that doesn’t fit the typical J-Pop model but still manages to be playfully addictive.

End of the World

J-pop that’s close to being a legal high…

Mademoiselle Yulia

This is very ‘out there’. Mademoiselle Yulia is one of those J-pop ladies that’s an all rounder (model, DJ, singer, etc etc). She’s been around for a while; 2014 could be a year she goes big internationally. But that’s just a prediction.

New Music: Yohio

The above, is a 17-year old Swedish boy who likes to dress like a doll, sing in Japanese and play rock. He’s getting absolutely huge in Japan. Incredible! Check out here.

I haven’t blogged about any J-Pop for a while…

… so here’s some Perfume. I really should start doing some more JPop and KPop stuff. I just don’t have the time. Anyone want to take the role on?