Jenna Kyle – Abre La

American singer-songwriter, producer and live electronic artist Jenna Kyle has released what looks set to be the anthem for the the weekend ahead.

‘Abre La’ marks a new openness and experimental nature within Kyle’s production and writing style, and is a deluxe bop thats is sure to win you over.

“We were living in a tiny NYC apartment during 2020, feeling entirely uncreative, just trying to keep sane and alive. I had just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder right before the pandemic hit, and so I was processing a lot, reading a lot of poetry, and the darkness of Leonard Cohen’s ‘The Flame’ was keeping it real. We were all feeling so alone and trapped. The English verses are self-aware while the Spanish breakdown is subconscious, written all at once at 4am, the imagining of an opened world. In hindsight, writing ‘Abre La’ which means ‘open it, or open her’ was my attempt to not to go mad!”

Taken from the new EP ‘Ojos’ which is out now.

Jenna Kyle