tiLLie – Hell Yeah!

You could easily assume that ‘Hell Yeah!’ was released in the 90’s through it’s dedication to music by the likes of Blur and The Prodigy.

Yet this new release from tiLLie is very current, and addresses the relationship between young people and the recent lockdowns.

“‘Hell Yeah!’ touches on the frustration I think a lot of my friends and I have been feeling. We’re in our 20’s – we’re supposed to be outside fuc*ing shit up, living our lives, and everything going on in the world has forced us inside. It speaks to how the pandemic simplified the ways in which I gauged whether or not I had a good day – did I make it through without having a mental break down and am I still alive? Which is equally humbling and incredibly depressing so I channeled all those paradoxical feelings and pent up energy into this song.”