Lauren Dejey – Like A Curse

Emerging South London artist Lauren Dejey returns with a refreshingly conceptual release that is both intriguing and mesmerising.

From the moment you press play on ‘Like A Curse’ you’ll realise that this is not a typical alt-pop ballad, but rather an an ironic hymn to astrology’s witchcraft that is dedicated to all the toxic people Lauren encountered in her life.

“‘Like A Curse’ is all about playing into the Scorpio stereotype from astrology. I love star signs but mine is usually made out to be vengeful, manipulative, ruthless, and jealous. So I thought, you know what why not be a bad bitch who will haunt you forever if you hurt her and probably poison your tea or something?”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Kali Ma’ which is due for release on 27th October 2021.

Lauren Dejey