JERUB – Trade It All

Rising Nottingham musician JERUB is back today with one of the most moving blends of indie and R&B that you will likely experience all week.

Deeply inspired by the realities of life, ‘Trade It All’ reflects on loss and grief with a powerfully emotive display of vulnerability.

“I wrote this song after speaking to a friend about his first Christmas without his dad, who had passed away the year before. He told me how strange it felt without him there and how he didn’t know how to behave, and I just felt so much empathy for him. Shortly after, I heard the news that Koby Bryant and his daughter had died in the helicopter crash, and remember feeling floored by such a deep tragedy.

I was also thinking about the last 18 months we’ve just had and all the people who have lost parents, grandparents, siblings and so on. So this song is really about the love you have for a loved one who may have passed away, and remembering that love and the impact that they had on you.”