Token + Rico Nasty – High Heels

Rap wunderkind Token is back in epic fashion through his new single ‘High Heels’ today, featuring the inimitable skills of punk rapper Rico Nasty.

“Rico and I came together to embrace the fast life we find ourselves trapped inside of. This song represents the high energy, fun life I always dreamed about without acknowledging any of its downsides. It was an exciting time in my life, so I just sound like an excited ass kid. I was fresh off tour and single again. You can hear it in my voice. I was inspired by all of the new things coming my way and I was having fun. I’ve put out a lot of darker, sadder songs, but this one is me enjoying myself for the first time. Rico killed it too!” – Token

Taken from Token’s forthcoming album ‘Pink is Better’ which is out on 8th October 2021 via Never Too Different & Atlantic Records. 

Token | Rico Nasty