Denny – Light My Way

The brain child of Alexander Rollins, Randon Nelson and Sully, Denny formed in 2015 out of heartbreak and have been garnering fans ever since.

Their new single ‘Light My Way’ is a dramatically emotive release that traces the path of someone moving on from doubt, and finding power from others when absolutely lost in the darkness.

“‘Light My Way’ is my most honest depiction of my experience with depression. It’s a love letter to the people I am closest to for never giving up on me even when I wanted to give up on myself. It’s honesty about the fear I felt as a father and as a person. It’s about coming out of darkness and knowing I did not do it alone. It’s a personal reminder of where I have been and a love letter to the people that loved me then and love me still. It’s pure Denny.” – Alexander Rollins, Denny