New Music: Penny Lame

Nashville born and Los Angeles based Penny Lame (Gracen Hill) is a master of many talents – being a singer, songwriter and producer. When Gracen turned 20, she got a publishing deal, dropped out of college, and got signed by a label.

Realising that she would be happier on her own, this now fully independent artist marks her debut with ‘LIPSTICK’. The track serves as a sweaty alt-punk-pop anthem that’s all about pushing back against a partner’s abusive behaviour, and rising out of the toxic fumes. On the song she says:

“I had finally had enough bullshit. I was with someone who cheated and lied all the time, and I would believe them because love will do that to you. One day, I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. I wrote this song to get over them and never go back. I used to always go back. Not anymore! This song put all my feelings I could never say out loud into words. Now when I listen, I can’t unhear it.”

Penny Lame