New Music: CHILD

Born in New England and transplanted to Southeast US, CHILD constructs a kind of sound that is in equal measures experimental, intriguing, powerful, and intensely captivating.

Through the space of just over a year, CHILD has quickly amassed hundreds of thousands in streams from international music-lovers who have fallen in love with this artist’s refreshingly original take on indie. On new single ‘Say It’ he says:

“More recently, I have carried a burden for what America is becoming… silencing alternative opinions, demonising convictions, driving a society with fear… does anybody else see what’s wrong with all of this? Throughout history, we’ve convinced ourselves we were progressing forward; hindsight, we were actually moving in reverse… so I penned the line, ‘turn the world backwards.’ This is my way of expressing the [seemingly] ‘right direction’ could actually be the wrong one, and we need to move the other way, do a 180-turn as society.”