Wil Owen – After Dark

Welsh singer and songwriter Wil Owen returns today with a beautifully sincere blend of indie and folk. ‘After Dark’ is richly emotive in it’s tone, carrying some of the most powerful lyrics that I have come across all week.

“’After Dark’ is a song that started out as an image: a crowd of people in a room, completely isolated from each other. I was thinking a lot about our inner lives, how we’re so absorbed by our own thoughts that we sometimes obfuscate our responsibility for them. That’s a hard line to navigate. The song is essentially an inner monologue, a stream of consciousness reaction to all the shit we say when we’re sad and loose and feeling vulnerable. It ends up affording a moment of reflection, of honesty.” 

The forthcoming debut EP is due out in 2022 via Tinpot Records.

Wil Owen