Lauren Dejey – Yours

A gorgeously stripped-back yet haunting release from London talent Lauren Dejey.

New single ‘Yours’ was produced by Lauren herself, and is an introspective R&B ballad with some subtle eccentricities that define this artist’s unique approach to music making.

“‘Yours’ is probably the most personal song I’ve written. There’s part of me that wants to let people take this song and let it be what it will be to them. The other part knows I definitely wrote it for myself as a form of therapy. For me it’s about taking back power after someone deeply hurts you in a way you could never see coming, reclaiming my body and my memories so I can stop blaming myself. I won’t let someone live in my mind, in every moment, taint every memory, I won’t be anyone’s. Sonically this is that journey from start to finish.”

The new EP ‘Kali Ma’ is out now.

Lauren Dejey