New Music: Anabl

I am so delighted to be introducing you to a hugely promising new talent. Australian born, California based Anabl is a 19-year-old songwriter and singer who’s approach to indie is refreshingly authentic.

Blending elements of alt-pop and rock into her sound, this artist creates songs that have a universal appeal while still feeling individualistic. And thanks to her fascination with the sound and movement of language, listeners can expect captivating lyrics alongside beautifully constructed melodies. On her upcoming EP, she says:

“My music is an ode to the expectations and experiences of my teenage years. It’s a catalog of my emotions, desires, and notable high school moments. As every age is, fifteen to eighteen was a foreign encounter. I wanted to make music in the form of a soundtrack of my life because listening to music became the most consistent thing throughout the years where everything seemed to be changing.”