New Music: Toby Corton

A refreshingly original fusion of neo-soul and indie from emerging UK queer creative Toby Corton.

Beautifully melodic ‘Cherub Child’ reflects the process that queer members of society go through where their instinctive, pure, innocent and angelic ways of expressing themselves are put through the constrictive filter of growing up in a straight world.

 “I think I was very aware even from a young age that I was queer, even if I didn’t know the word or what it meant, I had a constant feeling of difference. Even now, although less and less, I catch myself in certain situations tacitly apologising or obfuscating my queerness so it’s not the first thought someone has about me, because for a very long time my first thoughts in every social situation was, ‘do you think they can tell? Will they treat me differently when they do know’. Therefore, I’m very much singing to myself, telling myself to keep going and following my queer-intuition.”

Toby Corton