New Music: mustbejohn

Heavily inspired by his surroundings, Hertfordshire born and bred talent mustbejohn is fast becoming known for his relatable and catchy sounds; so much so that he already commands over 80,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

New EP ‘I’m In If You Are’ sees this artist seamlessly merge genres across six tracks, as he tells stories of life in the city, parties and the people that he knows.

“‘I’m In If You Are’ is quite literal in the sense, I’m in if you are! I’m sharing my personal experiences, ones with friends and a whole lot of stuff I’d probably be best not saying, but that’s probably what makes it worth the listen! There’s a blend of genres that I’ve always loved in there and that makes it really special for me. This record is the soundtrack of the most recent years of my life; messy nights, hangovers, confusion mixed in with some hope along the way!”

‘I’m In If You Are’ is out now.