New Music: Buppy.

One of the most distinctive and captivating vocal performances of the week comes courtesy of 17-year-old Utah native Buppy. An artist who is well ahead of his years, this is music that feels emotionally raw while still maintaining an essence of youth.

With a sublime fusion of alt-R&B, indie and jazz, ‘i retract all the love i let you keep.’ was produced by a talented team consisting of Eeryskies, Pilotkid, Spencr, and frequent collaborator BOIA.

“‘ retract all the love i let you keep.’ tells the story of the downfall of a past relationship that occurred during my move to Los Angeles. I originally wrote the song merely to send it to my ex-girlfriend at the time, with no thoughts of putting it out. Due to this, I pushed to keep the track extremely raw, honest, and vulnerable, which would eventually lead me to wanna release it. During the first verse I explain how my move to Los Angeles led to our breakup. I go on to speak about how I felt in the days after the downfall, when I wished I could take the love I once gave back, retracting it. As you listen from verse to chorus the message is clear, the distance simply got the best of us, making me wish I could take it all back.”