New Music: EDA NIVES

Kicking off the week with a massively promising UK talent who is emerging from Leicester.

Independent artist EDA NIVES creates a style pop that is universally enjoyable; this is a sound that is full of character and attitude – yet relatable and charmingly likeable.

With rich vocals, punchy lyricism and an almighty chorus, her new single ‘Needeh’ may well be one of your favourite new bops.

“The song’s title is really ‘Needy’ but I’ve written it in a Leicester accent… which translates to ‘Needeh’. It’s about wanting to feel needed or NEEDING to feel needed. I found myself in a one-sided relationship where the guy couldn’t commit and for the first time in my life I felt myself needing him. It was a feeling I had never really felt before, I hated it but I couldn’t stop it. After a long 4 years stuck in limbo, I’m finally out. Does that mean I’m over it? Probably not. I’m trying. To be a self-confessed ‘needy b*tch’ is probably not something I wanted anyone to know but now it’s in a song that everyone can hear. Anyways, there are more embarrassing things to confess, like crying at every episode of DIY SOS…thinking spiders are mammals…or having a crush on Alan Partridge… but that would never be me.”

‘Needeh’ was written with John Fortis (credits include Ellie Goulding, Lewis Capldi, AURORA, Paolo Nutini) and Mark Elliott (Greta Isaac, Nick Wilson, Charlie Pitman, Victoria Canal).