New Music: Edward Grace

Australian talent Edward Grace introduces his work as a solo artist with debut single ‘Figure It Out’.

A sublime sound that fuses elements of indie with alternative R&B, this is one of the most moving releases that I have had the pleasure of experiencing this week, thanks to it’s richly constructed production, emotive vocals and stunning melody.

“I moved to London to begin a new chapter and move away from heart break. After a break up you struggle to be on your own and to be happy within yourself. I always needed company and at the time I was living on my sisters floor. After a while I decided to move out and do my own thing. I moved to Hackney, it wasn’t a very nice apartment and I was living with randoms that I never saw. I was in my own cloudy mind, chasing warm ghosts (darker thoughts) away, they were never extreme or worrying thoughts, just lingering, dark thoughts. So I bought a keyboard and spent most of my nights alone, writing and expressing myself. This is where I really got into my mind, found peace and that is where I figured it out that I can be happy on my own. “Figure it out” means a lot to me and allows me to reflect on the emotions I once felt. Everyone needs to love themselves before they can love someone else.”

Edward will be performing at The Vanguard in Newtown on the 1st December 2021.

Edward Grace | Abroad