New Music: Names

London outfit Names is an all encompassing project comprising of three school friends, who record and produce everything themselves from a DIY home studio.

Showcasing some of the most exciting emerging British indie-pop right now, their new single ‘Nice Guy’ draws inspiration from the likes of The Killers, The Neighbourhood, HAIM and Future Island.

“‘Nice Guy’ came about really naturally – we wanted to do a faster song that still felt atmospheric and reflective and we developed the drums and main guitar riff really quickly. Lyrically it focuses around that feeling of always losing out in relationships to people who are meaner, or cooler and wondering why those people always seem to ‘win’. We’re really proud of this song and we feel it fits into our musical world.” – Rupert, Guitarist

Through blending elements of lo-fi pop with indie and rock in a perfectly balanced way, this trio could well be one of the UK’s most promising new groups to emerge over the next year.

Names perform at London’s Colours today, 1st Dec 2021.