St. Panther – Places

Irvine-based artist, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and rapper St. Panther returns with reflective new single ‘Places’.

“As artists, I think we’re expected to just be ready to rip the bandages off of some of the most intimate parts of our lives as soon as we sit down to record – this song served to open the dialogue between me and a younger self that is still working to share. As people, I think we grow up told what our paths should be. This song is a space where I put the feeling of having a life farther from that – that a lot of the time I had to go my own way and take myself through so many spaces to find my path. I would say this is a song welcoming the idea that all those detours in life are valid, they brought us here.”

Taken from the latest two-track bundle that also includes ‘Greatness’.

St. Panther