New Music: SINK

Photo / Özge Cone

London-based producer and composer SINK crafts a sound that is refreshingly unique in concept. This artist delivers a new approach to pop that is not only texturally rich but also incredibly emotive.

New single ‘Laid’ is a beautifully intense yet experimental piece of electronic music that feels atmospheric and ethereal in equal measures.

“‘Laid’ is about our relationship with time and the way we experience connections, goals and anxieties. Perhaps time is our most ancient enemy and the social media reshaped it for us. It’s an intrusion, a violation.

I wrote this song when I was still in north Italy, when my music didn’t seem to have a purpose for me anymore as I was feeling unheard and I hope this will help others not to feel the same.

I’m suggesting we could stop for a while, enjoy each other’s presence, touch and closeness.”