JT Roach – Limelight

American singer-songwriter JT Roach returns today with a sublime and refreshingly original fusion of indie and stripped-back electronica.

Delicately subtle and airy in tone, ‘Limelight‘ carries a rousing melody that is paired with riveting vocals.

“I wrote this song when I was living in a hallway and writing demos out of a walk-in closet in an artist commune house in Silverlake. I was also falling in love with someone at the time. I hear a new meaning to this song every time I listen to it, but it currently makes me think about how I moved to LA to find fame and fortune but the best thing I found since moving here was the love of my life, ‘my limelight’. The sounds of crunching leaves, rainfall, a fireplace, and other natural sounds of Northwoods Wisconsin are scattered throughout the song. I wrote it in California but it has the sonic characteristics of where I consider to be home, which is Wisconsin.”

JT Roach