lozeak – Hate Me Too

London-based teenager and social media starlet lozeak returns today with a track that continues to showcase this talent’s extraordinary skill in songwriting.

New single ‘Hate Me Too’ is an arena anthem in the making that captures the anxiety felt by Gen Z.

“I wrote ‘Hate Me Too’ about a friend throwing away a friendship because of a stupid reason – where you have been made out to be a shitty person when you’re not. When I started going to London at 16 to work on my music I felt like I lost a lot of friends from Norwich because I was so busy and didn’t go home often. I found it frustrating when nobody understood at the time but writing angry songs like ‘Hate Me Too’ made me feel better about it.  The tone is quite sarcastic – joking that I would ‘Hate Me Too’ if I was my mate, when in reality I wouldn’t.”