New Music: Scoobert Doobert

If you’re in need of something to lift your mood, then artist and producer Scoobert Doobert’s ‘Let’s Move to the Top of a Mountain’ is the song for you.

Charming and tastefully cheerful in tone, the track is an uplifting nod to joyful living with a vast view, wrapped in a breezy pop hug.

“This song is about wanting to live in the middle of the Sierra Nevadas, where the air is thinner and the cell service even more scant. After years of constant screen time, I feel like it’s time to just watch the sunrise on a roof top with someone you love.”

Scoobert Doobert’s momentum is on the rise, with his work recently featured by the likes of Pitchfork, NME, Paste and The Fader among others. He also served as the producer to CHAI’s acclaimed single ‘WHOLE’.

Scoobert Doobert