New Music: modernlove.

Irish indie outfit modernlove. create a bold style of pop-rock that is loaded with energy and vibrancy.

New single ‘Follow You’ serves as a rousing ode to the anthemic indie bangers of the early 00s that the boys grew up on.

“‘Follow You’ is a love song about the early stages of infatuation in a relationship. It’s about finding yourself in a relationship so intimate that spending each waking moment together still isn’t enough, hence the lyrics ‘when you fall asleep I’ll follow you’. Musically, we wanted to write a song that resonated with the nostalgia of those same naive infatuations and took us back to when we first started the band as teenagers finding ourselves as people as well as artists. A simple four chord structure that echoed the likes of bloc party, the cure and new order. A song that we could fully jam on together and jump around to.”

Already garnering acclaim from the likes of  Wonderland, Earmilk and Official Charts, this group could well have their biggest year to date.