New Music: Ana Arts

Emerging from South London is singer songwriter Ana Arts, who cites folk, jazz, rock and pop as influences in the creation of her sound.

With lyricism that is effortlessly honest, ‘HMU’ finds Ana considering romantic loneliness and looking to find the positives in that.

“’HMU’ is about feeling romantically numbed, you know that feeling when you’ve overdone it a little bit and nothing or no one seems that special anymore? It’s about wanting that feeling back, wanting to long for something and someone but for some reason all you’re attracting is kinda ‘meh’. So, you end up feeling like you’re better off alone, you’re better off being more selective of who enters your bedroom and/or personal life. And it’s about owning that, owning that loneliness – so what if I’m alone? Thank god I’m alone and not tempted by mediocrity. Thank f*ck I didn’t give them my number, because I’d rather wait for something great to come along.”

Through her creative output, Ana aims to celebrate queerness and sex positivity whilst raising awareness for mental health issues.

Ana Arts