New Music: FRONDE

Emerging form Nashville is newcomer FRONDE. Crafting music since the age of 12, this talent draws his inspiration from a variety of genres – ranging from lo-fi bedroom pop and indie, through to hip-hop and R&B.

Impressively, new single ‘Letters’ was written, recorded, produced and mixed by FRONDE himself in his bedroom studio.

“I don’t normally get letters in the mail from people I care about. I typically get phone calls or texts like a normal person. But I got a letter from someone in the mail and it really got me thinking about how things were before phones and how different and hard that it might’ve been to get good or bad news. I wrote this song from the perspective of me being broken up with via letters and the news of that coming as a shock. That shock then sends me on an emotional rollercoaster which I tried to convey both lyrically and dynamically.”