Tom Aspaul – Kiss It

Independent artist Tom Aspaul returns with another energising bop that flirts between sounding fresh and vibrant while still carrying tones of nostalgia.

Produced by Aspaul along with frequent collaborator Gil Lewis, new single ‘Kiss It’ was inspired by the iconic europop sounds from the ’00s:

“I’ve always been a huge fan of that period in the 2000s when the Romanian pop-girls were killing it. You couldn’t go anywhere in the Europe without hearing their songs. The beats, melodies and production were so thrilling and fun, there was nothing else like it at the time – so I listened to a lot of Alexandra Stan and INNA in my home studio and tried to capture that cold, dead-behind-the-eyes energy.”

“‘Kiss It’ was written during that brief window between pandemic lockdowns. Everything was open and it was slightly bacchanalian, albeit with a sense of impending doom. I wanted to explore my need for human contact after such a long time in isolation – I just needed to kiss someone, anyone. At the same time, I knew any encounter would be short-lived and temporary, as Covid was closing in.”

Aspaul’s debut album Black Country Disco was independently released in 2020, and has since garnered over 5 million streams. The record was awarded ‘queer disco album of the year’ by Gay Times, and received acclaim through several ‘Best-of 2020’ lists, including The Guardian, GQ and Albumism.

‘Kiss It’ is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Life in Plastic’, which is out later this year.

Tom Aspaul