New Music: BOYU

Photo / Neptune Art House

Emerging from LA is songwriter BOYU, who’s latest release blends indie-pop with rap in a refreshingly conceptual way. If you’re a fan of Dominic Fike, Jeremy Zucker or blackbear then chances are you’ll love this talent too.

‘Miata Trip’ was inspired by the highs and lows of a psychedelic trip – specifically by the globally acclaimed HBO hit show Euphoria.

“Akin to the euphoric peaks of a trip, the verses and bridge represents liberation of the soul, uplifting and carefree, paired with bright happy chords and melody. In contrast, the chorus and outro symbolise the dark downward spiral when stuck in a self-deprecating headspace, with minor chords, angsty flow/ production, and slowed BPM.”

BOYU performs at Spring Fest on 19th March 2022 with Tessa Rae, Banana Club, and Halo Kitsch.