New Music: James Alphonse

Photo / Juri Alexandrowiz

Hamilton singer and songwriter James Alphonse crafts a style of sound that is not easy to describe. This artist bravely fuses elements of electro pop, pop-rock and chill R&B to form songs that feel original yet relatable.

New single ‘i dont need to choose’ is all about the relationship insecurities faced by his long-term and long-distance partner.

“People have described my music as diverse pop with a touch of guitar and R&B melodies… It’s tough to pin me down, but I’m hoping it’s more like opening a cookbook and seeing all the amazing things you can eat, rather than going to a pierogi shop for your favourite, standard pierogi and finding they’ve changed the menu (if you love pierogi as much as I do, that example will stick the landing, otherwise, fill in your own addictive food for effect).”

Alphonse’s upcoming debut solo EP will feature production from the likes of Andre Kaden Black (Fefe Dobson, Francesco Yates) and Tal Vaisman (21 Pilots, Imagine Dragons).

James Alphonse