New Music: Bonze

One of the stand-out releases of the week comes courtesy of UK artist Jack Reardon, who goes by the name of Bonze.

Reardon spends his days working as a trained psychotherapist, and these themes intrude on his music. 

Produced by Brookfield and taken from Bonze’s forthcoming debut album, new single ‘Self’ delivers a bold fusion of electronic prowess and raw, open feeling – plunging the listener into a world of self-reflection.

“This song has a double meaning really, I’m not just talking to the audience through the lyrics; I’m also talking to myself. The song is not only an autobiographical commentary on my ‘self’ and my own struggles to tackle personal issues, but it is also a message to the listener to reflect on the instant-gratification nature of western society and how, instead of being seduced by substances to make them happy; they should really rely on themselves. You are the person that you’ve been waiting to meet, basically.”

Bonze performs live in London on 11th March with Dutch Criminal Records at The Water Rats.