Bonze – Come Back To Me

British electronic artist Bonze (aka Jack Reardon) is no stranger to the Alfitude pages, and for good reason. As a musician who is always pushing his own sonic boundaries, Reardon’s releases have always captivated us.

Inspired by the work of Jai Paul, new single ‘Come Back To Me’ treats listeners to a bouncy fusion of synth, indie and electronica. While the sound is refreshingly alternative, it also carries with it a sense of joy that makes it ideal for any summer playlist.

Fans won’t have long to wait for Bonze’s upcoming EP, entitled ‘Mercedes’, which is out on the 7th July 2023. Until then, you can check out Bonze’s other releases on Spotify here.


Bonze – (Mercedes)

London-based newcomer Bonze has impressed us throughout the entire year; with each release showcasing this rising artist’s extraordinary skills at music making. He closes 2022 with another new single today, entitled ‘(Mercedes)’ – of which he explains:

“This song syncs song-writing and dance music together. It is my fourth single of the year, releasing with Bad Apple Records. It’s about a girl called Mercedes.”

To date, Bonze has garnered acclaim from the likes of CLASH, Wonderland and Rolling Stone while also accumulating more than 80k career streams on Spotify alone.

Fans in London will be pleased to know that Bonze performs at Camden’s PowerHaus in March 2023.


Bonze – Give In

One of the most exciting British artists to have emerged so far this year has been Bonze.

Today marks his return with another sharp and unique release through new single ‘Give In’, further displaying this artist’s incredible skill at crafting interesting sounds using elements of electronica, pop, indie and rock. On the track Bonze says:

“It is about giving in to external pleasures. It’s about giving in to that bad thing that you know you shouldn’t do, but you do it anyway because it feels good/ offers pleasure in the moment.”


New Music: Bonze

One of the stand-out releases of the week comes courtesy of UK artist Jack Reardon, who goes by the name of Bonze.

Reardon spends his days working as a trained psychotherapist, and these themes intrude on his music. 

Produced by Brookfield and taken from Bonze’s forthcoming debut album, new single ‘Self’ delivers a bold fusion of electronic prowess and raw, open feeling – plunging the listener into a world of self-reflection.

“This song has a double meaning really, I’m not just talking to the audience through the lyrics; I’m also talking to myself. The song is not only an autobiographical commentary on my ‘self’ and my own struggles to tackle personal issues, but it is also a message to the listener to reflect on the instant-gratification nature of western society and how, instead of being seduced by substances to make them happy; they should really rely on themselves. You are the person that you’ve been waiting to meet, basically.”

Bonze performs live in London on 11th March with Dutch Criminal Records at The Water Rats.